Find more ways to say wanted, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Learn more. Locate a Prison, Inmate, or Sex Offender. Get Help & Information for Crime Victims . Every person has something they were born to do. Christopher W. Burns is wanted for his alleged involvement in a mail fraud scheme in Georgia. Wanted definition: being searched for by the police in connection with a crime that has been committed | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples First Column. They could be looking for anything – a specific make and model of a car, a toaster, a particular phone, a computer program, etc. Wanton definition is - merciless, inhumane. Another word for wanted. ‘Still moving almost like a twenty-year-old, she has demonstrated this in her own person.’ ‘This for most people would be an immense crisis of faith, because it's such a crisis in your own person.’ ‘A solicitor taking out probate is not bound to do everything in his own person.’ ‘Finally, Socrates speaks again in his own person.’ In college, I'd often challenge myself to say something in class, one thing, but the days continued to go by without a spoken word. adj not wanted or desired: an unwanted pregnancy. As Pablo Picasso declare, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." mainly literary wanted very much for a long time. It is alleged that Burns defrauded a number of victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. A fugitive (or runaway) is a person who is fleeing from custody, whether it be from jail, a government arrest, government or non-government questioning, vigilante violence, or outraged private individuals. your favourite person or thing of a particular kind is the one that you like the best. You have a unique purpose for being here, and you have to find it. in person definition: 1. by meeting with someone rather than talking on the phone, e-mailing, or writing to the person…. Do a self-assessment to get closer to your truth, and closer to becoming the person you were meant to be. The more I told myself to do it, the less likely it would happen. to die for phrase. How to use wanton in a sentence. I've always wanted to be able to talk to whomever I wanted whenever I wanted, but it never worked that way. View Most Wanted Fugitives. Report and Identify Missing Persons. See more. Submit a Complaint. Used often on Craigslist and other classifieds listing websites, users will use the term to show that they are interested in purchasing something. Needed definition, necessary, required, or wanted (usually used in combination): a much-needed vacation. unwanted synonyms, unwanted pronunciation, unwanted translation, English dictionary definition of unwanted. Register, Apply for Permits, or Request Records. longed-for adjective. Find Sales of Seized Property. Footer Menu Justice. ISO Meaning: In Search Of Meaning of ISO: In Search Of ISO stands for In Search Of. Define unwanted.