The panel contains a menu and some icons, controls and monitors. In the Choose Actions to Add dialog, choose the desired action and optionally assign an icon to it. Whenever > I start digikam the menu bar is missing (the one with file, edit and so > on). Re: Menu bar and Tool bar lost in Okular KDE4 Try the hotkey combo ctrl+m for the menubar, works for most KDE applications. Apart from an extended description and the option to download it, you’ll also see a switch on the top right. Watch out for the "auto-hide" feature for the taskbar, that option checked in taskbar properties is the likely culprit. Kdenlive has a Main Toolbar, . Copy link Quote reply magpie514 commented Aug 5, 2014. I'm running jessie with kde 4.13.1 and kontact/kmail 4.12.4. Display posts from previous All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by … I don’t like restarting just because of this. Click to add an action or a separator under the … Try configure KDE. and a new konqueror window will appear with th menu bar. Excel's Status Bar not showing/ disappeared / not displaying when opening Excel files - Office 365 & Windows 7/10. last updated – posted 2017-Sep-6, 12:29 pm AEST posted 2017-Sep-6, 12:29 pm AEST User #77183 2680 posts. On domenica 10 gennaio 2010 10:10:55, Sylvain ZUCCA wrote: > Hello all, > > I accidentally removed the menu bar the main thing (the principal one) in > Digikam and does not find a simple way to recover it On my system I can display or hide the menubar using the CTRL-M keyboard shortcut, as in dolphin and konqueror. The script above resolves the menu problem that is always missing upon boot. Special effects <- KDE 4.2 Showing off Mate menu panel suddenly missing Post by bartszu » Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:58 pm frits wrote: BTW I dont think 17.1 is stable. It shows me an endless search. Now that I let the tool-bar disappear, i … Hiding and Showing the Toolbars Ive restarted the computer, and it didnt come back, Ive disabled 3D effects, and it didnt come back. Many users in our organization have reported it today - possibly caused from a recent update? Hot Network Questions Replace element in a list / add in case of absence, with custom test/key functions In menu: System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations > Buttons add Application menu to Title bar. ... the same as it was in Xfce and KDE - and it was missing in Gnome 3. and a bottom toolbar. From the Add to Panel window select "Menu Bar". Kubuntu 18.04 menu bar is missing in all applications If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. Welcome to, a friendly and active Linux Community. Strange icon in Unity top menu bar after installing KDE. You will have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hi, I'm just trying to get into BSD coming from Arch and tried to setup KDE and sddm to get a nice GUI. Remove: Delete the selected item from the list. So I thought, it'll be almost the same in Linux Mint. If you use KDE. I'm not sure, but I think it's the default shortcut, did you tried it? How to rectify and documentation of menu bar? 4 comments Labels. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Ubuntu 16.04 Menu Bar and Application/Side Bar Missing. -----Terminal-----sudo apt-get install kdenlive frei0r-plugins dvgrab recordmydesktop dvdauthor mkisofs sudo apt-get install kde-runtime After it, in Qt Creator must appear button with File, Edit, Build.. menu. The following seems sufficient to get things going again: killall -9 kicker kdeinit kicker Just in case you are caught without a terminal, it is also useful to know that ALT-F2 gives you a command line in KDE. Comments. Alternatively, there is also "Main Menu". bug linux. :unsure: The same applies when I search for an application in the search bar, I do not see it. The tools that are available on these are defined in Settings -> Configure Toolbars.. It shows up if you maximize and minimize the window or close/open the formula bar. > > I have tried multiple things but I cant get the menu bar to appear in > the main window. In the list of available menus and toolbars, expand the node you want to customize and select the desired item. Toolbars Main and Extra Toolbars. For more info on the Bottom Toolbar see Editing.. Configuring the Toolbars. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. All the other components of Kontact--calendar, feeds, contacts, etc.--still have the menu … "Main Menu" is more like a Windows Start menu - … Archive View Return to standard view. an Extra Toolbar, which by default contains the Render button, . Click in it and type “hide top bar” to find the Gnome extension you need. Dnia poniedziałek 09 lipiec 2007, wormie_dk napisał: > Hi I have a strange problem with digikam 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 7.04. It's also missing when Firefox is in full screen mode or if the file storing your toolbar information has become corrupt. Menu Bar and Launcher missing after installing updates (16.04 LTS) 2. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. In the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, select Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars. Related to issue #3114. Yes, my KDE menu is just gone, without apparent reason, I was working and suddenly it was gone. Add Separator: Add a separator to the menu after the selected item. If I edit a picture the menu bar is there in the edit window. The File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help Menu bar in Firefox is hidden by default. Menu bars are optional for simple apps that are able to expose all functionality using visible buttons and toolbars. Very occasionally, the KDE menu bar disappears on me. Edit Icon: Associate an icon with the selected menu item. on installation I had: Error: symbol 'grub-term-highlight-color' not found and had to fix this manually Unfortunately, after I installed the packages plasma5-plasma-desktop, kde-baseapps and sddm, the system behaved very strange upon reboot: The complete bottom bar of sddm (to select window manager, keyboard layout etc) was missing, and, once I logged in, the kde task bar was missing … How can I fix this, please? Select the extension to visit its page. When this happens I find the AltCntlTto bring up a terminal and typing unityas mentioned in the previous answer is ideal for that instance. The menu subsequently disappears between boots. Normally on windows I can make the tool-bar disappear and reappear with a mouse click. 1.With menulibre i can only edit the menu entries 2. (That's the bar at the top of the kmail screen, with file, settings, etc.) Click on this switch to toggle it to “On” and install the extension. due to unknown reason my CalDav calendar disappeared from my calendar management (overview) in KOrganizer. If any functionality is not visible by default, err on the side of providing a menu bar. Add a new action to the menu after the selected one. A menu bar is a graphical control element which contains drop-down menus.. 2.Settings-->Save View Profile "Tabbed Browsing"-->Select Web Browsing-->Save. What I did in the beginning to draw is too put a piece of paper on my laptop and draw the lines. We'll show you how to fix each of these. [SOLVED] KDE menu bar: icons all on the left. The "Menu Bar" contains the standard GNOME Applications, Places and System menus. These are the screenshot images of the problem: In the meantime, I access my applications from the menu at the top bar and also use the terminal to run applications with CLI. After an update the other night the menu bar in kmail disappeared. Strange fact is, that the calendar is still present under settings -> KOrganizer set up -> I'm having the same issue on multiple computers. 2. relapse. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: Don’t display a menu bar in secondary or internal windows, like the settings dialog or file dialog. Using KDE 4.13.2, on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. You can right-click on the panel and select Add to Panel. In /etc/xdg/menus I see only files as cinnamon-applications-merged and in /usr/share/desktop-directories only .directory files 3.I removed the ~/.cache/menus contents but it didn't help Menu bar disappeared n KDE Plasma 5.x.