Prod., 25 (1): 104-107, Krishnamoorthy, U. ; Soller, H. ; Steingass, H. ; Menke, K. H., 1995. [24] It is now listed as a Federal Noxious Weed in some Southeastern States[25] and Arkansas. Heteropogon contortus can grow on a wide range of well-drained soils provided they are neither too infertile nor too saline. J. Anim. [15][16], It is used as an ingredient in the skincare brand Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for its high concentrations of potassium which provides a hydrating effect. Seagrasses are flowering plants from one of four plant families (Posidoniaceae, Zosteraceae, Hydrocharitaceae, or Cymodoceaceae), which grow in marine, fully-saline environments. Spear grass is a summer-growing grass, highly resistant to grass fires. Annual live-weight gains per head in a native pasture of spear grass were highly variable between years, ranging from a low of 43 kg/steer at 2 ha/steer to a high of 182 kg/steer at 8 ha/steer. Other names. Spear grass does not withstand heavy grazing and may become dominated by other grasses such as Digitaria didactyla and Aristida spp. Afr. Pelleting was found to be a better processing method than chopping or grinding for nutrient utilization in male goats and rams fed spear grass hay supplemented with 250 g concentrate/head/d (Reddy et al., 1994). B., 1995. J. Anim. In the USA, an improved cultivar of spear grass (Rocker) was recommended for the stabilization of critical areas, rangeland revegetation and erosion control along roadways, construction sites and other disturbed areas in the South-West desert (Pater, 1995). Spear grass is mainly used as fodder when it is young. Dear Rose, Spear grass is an effective cure for Measles. The utilization of spear grass (, Hunter, R. A. ; Siebert, B. D., 1985. Effect of complete feed block on dry matter intake and milk yield in Murrah buffaloes. Digestibility trials on Indian feeding stuffs III. English: bedding grass; blady grass; imperata; Japanese blood grass; satintail; silver spike; spear grass; sword grass; thatch grass; Spanish: carrizo; cisca; cogón; marciega; French: impérate; paille de dys; paillotte; Arabic: halfa Their website also states that indigenous native Australians may have used the plant as a substitute for salt due to its high saline content. It is a perennial pasture grass. Sheep and goats appear more sensitive than cattle and buffaloes to mouth ulceration from hard seeds contained in milled forages, even though grazing animals are able to avoid them by selection (McSweeney et al., 1988). It grows from 0.6 to 3 m (2 to 10 feet) tall. FAO, Rome, Italy, Ford, C. W. ; Wilson, J. R., 1981. Intake and digestion in swamp buffaloes and cattle. [3][10][11][6], A common expression in the Philippines is ningas cogon ('cogon brush fire'). Paspalum … The family Hydrocharitaceae, also known as tape-grasses, include Canadian waterweed and frogbit. J., 50 (9): 928-931, Prasad, J.; Joshi, S. V.; Rekib, A., 1980. With more than 10,000 species, the grass family, Poaceae, is one of the largest families of flowering plants. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. It grows to a height of 50 to 150 cm, is tufted and highly variable. Grassl., 18 (3): 131-137, Freire, L. C. L.; Boniface, A. N.; Murray, R. M., 1980. Fire is not recommended when spear grass is growing with stoloniferous species such as Digitaria didactyla or Cynodon dactylon (Cook et al., 2005). Spear grass hay supplemented with 1 kg/d of concentrate (fortified molasses or lupins) was found to sustain the nutritional requirements of steers (Krebs et al., 2004). 2008. Form. Bisexual spikelets are only borne at the apex and they are all awned. Eragrostis tenuifolia Elastic grass. Pennisetum clandestinum Kikuyu. J. Exp. CSIRO, DPI&F(Qld), CIAT and ILRI, Brisbane, Australia, Denny, R. P. ; Mavedzenge, B. Feeding value of ammoniated tropical grass. Flowers – Pale yellow. Proc. Reef fish on the other hand, are commonly sold to the mainland as they fetch considerably higher prices. Asked by Wiki User. All these practices resulted in significant increases in live-weight gain. Description . 182-185, Eggington, A. R., 1986. Because of its density and high biomass, cogongrass provides a very high fuel load, enabling wildfires to burn faster, higher, and much hotter. Asked by Wiki User 2 3 4 Answer. [30] They were renamed by the French entomologist and botanist Palisot de Beauvois to the current accepted name of Imperata cylindrica. The paddy fields where it grows need to be flooded with sea water during the growth cycle of seagrass hence the name. Cynodon dactylon Green couch. Nutrient metabolism and rumen micro-organisms in sheep fed a poor-quality tropical grass hay supplemented with sulphate. ex Roem. [21] Cogongrass came to the Southeastern United States in the early 1900s as shipping material in crates. Proc. Supplementation of the diet with cottonseed meal or copra meal can also be valuable (Gulbransen et al., 1990). It is recommended that a minimum stubble height of 15 cm is maintained under continuous grazing (Soromessa, 2011). Revue Ecol. Some Punjab hays. Ser., 9: 235, Le Roux, P., 1974. It is not uncommon to see hillsides of cogongrass on fire. Cenchrus purpureus, synonym Pennisetum purpureum, also known as Napier grass, elephant grass or Uganda grass, is a species of perennial tropical grass native to the African grasslands.